Getting a good ranking in major search engines hasn’t been an easy job for many. Search engines are getting more intelligent today, so now it takes more than just quality content to top your competitors.

Search engines are king and website content is a queen in today’s SEO field. At Creation Media, we are proud of building a happy kingdom between the search engines and your website’s content. This process is known on-page search engine optimization.

We begin with On-Page Optimization when making your website more search engine friendly. During this process we optimize all the pages on your site. We know very well that everything should work together and each page of your website includes a particular goal. At our company, we do everything that will help us to take your website higher than the millions of other sites available on the search engines.

  • Title Optimization: A title tag is one of the most important website optimization elements. It is crucial to use a title tag that is short, but descriptive enough for your visitors. This will help them to identify you and your business conveniently and shortly. Title tag is the very first thing that search engines show and index. So, keeping them on priority basis is actually not a bad idea for you. Out of thousand results a visitor sees while doing searches for specific products/services, your website’s title has to be quite appealing for him/her to want to identify the most possible information. On the contrary, our chosen title tag is also appealing enough to various search engines to rank you above a plethora of other similar websites like yours.

  • Meta Tags Optimization: The Meta description should include a brief& informative description of your website majorly focusing on the areas and services that your company deals into. Experts consider it as a selling snippet. If a searcher finds it interesting and attractive, he is likely to click and goes inside the page of your website to find out more information.

  • HTML Tags: It is quite imperative for you to highlight a few parts of your site that you actually want your readers to look at. HTML has certain tags, which allows you to do so. For example, the header tags [h1] [h2] [h3], Bold [strong], Italic [em] etc. The text given inside header tags [h1] is of utmost important according to the search engines. Their usage is extremely vital to define the page/post titles or the important sections of your website.

  • Keyword Optimization & Synonyms: The content of your site needs to be optimized in such a manner that it can suit both your readers and search engines. Make sure that your site is not stuffed with too many keywords as it can make your website unreadable. Thus, you always need to have some sort of balance between the usage of keywords & your content.

  • Link Optimization: It is necessary to optimize your external and internal outbound links for search engines to give your visitors a better navigation.

  • Image Optimization: See, if your website contains a plethora of images, you actually need to optimize them too since your search engines will read them. As a human being we easily interpret the image into its meaning. However, for a Web crawler, the entire interpreting process is completely different. Images are not read by the Search Engine spiders. Therefore, it is advisable to use some special tags for your images to give them some meaning.

  • Document Sharing: In order to brand your website, you can also share your site documents like information brochures, business documents, and slides in Google Docs, Slide Share, etc.